Fixing American Healthcare

Fixing American Healthcare – Wonkonians, Gekkonians, and the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare
By Richard N. Fogoros, MD
Foreword by Mary J. Shomon, Afterword by Delia Chiaramonte, MD
October, 2007, $19.95 US

…a much-needed antidote to the fruitless incrementalism that dominates contemporary debate.
David E. Williams

Whether you are a healthcare worker, a patient, a politician, an entrepreneur, or an economist; whether you are left of center, right of center, or smack in the middle . . .

STOP what you’re doing and READ THIS BOOK.

In Fixing American Healthcare, Richard N. Fogoros, MD (the popular “DrRich” of About Heart Disease, as well as The Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare and the Covert Rationing Blog), explains the American healthcare system in a way you’ve never heard it explained before.

“Fogoros accomplishes the near-impossible.”
Kate Grossman, MD
Medical Director, Health

In the epic battle between the Wonkonians (who want to regulate our way out of the healthcare mess) and the Gekkonians (who insist that for-profit healthcare is the solution), American patients have been left out in the cold. But what they don’t realize is that their abandonment – by the insurers, by the government, and even by their doctors – is not merely an unfortunate side effect of our dysfunctional healthcare system. It is purposeful and systematic.

“Fogoros ushers America’s healthcare system out into the light and asks; what are we pretending not to know?… and then proceeds to answer that question.”
Jay Warren
President and CEO, Cameron Health

In Fixing American Healthcare, Fogoros uses his Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare to show what’s really behind the frustration, the disarray, the pain, and the heartache that defines the American healthcare system – and then, to find a uniquely American solution to our burgeoning healthcare crisis.

“A spicy mixture of witty commentary, white-hot criticism, and battlefield wisdom.”
Joseph M. Smith, MD, PhD
Vice President, Microelectronic Technologies

Fixing American Healthcare looks at the chaos and complexity that rules our healthcare system, and makes it all understandable – and even predictable!

Fixing American Healthcare shows beleaguered patients exactly what they need to do to protect themselves – and even to thrive – within the hostile halls of American healthcare.

Fixing American Healthcare shows discouraged American doctors what they must do to salvage their once proud, once thriving, and once ethical profession.

And Fixing American Healthcare shows how American doctors and American patients – individuals acting solely in their own enlightened self-interest – can catalyze a transformation to a healthcare system that is at last fair, efficient, and above all, compatible with founding American ideals.

“Fogoros reasserts the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship by proposing a balanced solution to the healthcare crisis that addresses the needs of society, physicians, patients, business, and government. Quite an accomplishment.”
Lynn Carlisle, DDS

Find out how you can fight for the healthcare you need, and at the same time fight to FIX AMERICAN HEALTHCARE for everyone.

Read Fixing American Healthcare.

“A great and important book. Fogoros’ impassioned and logical arguments will touch a chord in any person who cares about patients. Absolutely required reading in medical school and for any physician.”
Ken Ellenbogen, MD
Professor of Medicine, Vice Chairman of Cardiology
Virginia Commonwealth University

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