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“The nuts and bolts of this covert rationing are surgically exposed in a new book by Richard N. Fogoros, an author, former cardiologist and professor of medicine, consultant for companies developing new medical technologies, and host of the heart disease information site at About.com. Now he’s written a fine blueprint for radical health-care reform. Fixing American Healthcare is a survival guide every patient deserves.
Igor Greenwald
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“Through the use of a simple quadrant device, Fogoros gives consumers an understanding of how various healthcare systems work, and their multifarious—not to mention nefarious—implications. Fogoros proceeds—with gin-clear specifics, propped by ample research, and with an abiding sense of decency—to straddle the top two quadrants. Informed and humane. Some presidential candidate would be smart to sign this gentleman up as a healthcare adviser. “
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“Unlike others who dance around the topic or try to have it both ways, Fogoros doesn’t shy away from embracing bold, unpopular ideas as cornerstones of his solution. Fogoros makes a compelling case that the problem with our current health care system is covert rationing, which has profound corrosive effects. Once the problem is laid out, Fogoros proposes a solution that encompasses open rationing and is characterized by six key principles. Among other things he wants to see competition between health care and other services provided by society, and rationing decisions left to individual patients to the extent possible. Fogoros also insists on universal health care coverage as a key principle. Presidential candidates who advocate the same thing should study Fogoros’s book to see how it might actually be done.”
David E. Williams
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This book is a must-read for physicians, hospital administrators, government regulators, and policy pundits that want to understand the complicated interplays affecting our healthcare delivery in America today. It is refreshing that it offers a solution, not just a rant. But most important, as patients ourselves, we need to arm ourselves with the knowledge of the current system so we can begin to reshape the healthcare climate to reestablish us as the ultimate arbiters of healthcare policy and resource decisions. For after all, knowledge is power.
Westby G. Fisher, MD
The Dr.Wes Blog
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[Fogoros] weaves together an entertaining and informative narrative– putting together one of the most readable and enjoyable treatises on health care and why it works (or doesn’t work) the way it does. And his message is a sound one. . . I highly recommend both the book and his blog.
Vijay Goel, MD
Consumer-focused Healthcare
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A damn fine book.
Richard L. Reece, MD
Medinnovations Blog
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This book is fabulous.
Jan Krouwer
Krouwer Consulting Blog
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“Fogoros provides rare insight into the truth about American healthcare. Even as a physician for 20 years, I never realized the depth to which government agencies and profit-motivated HMOs alike have usurped and corrupted the doctor-patient relationship, industry incentives, and even medical research. But rather than taking the easy way out and pretending the Canadian or British systems would work in the US, he instead provides a rational blueprint for a system that is compatible with American ideals, while restoring doctor-patient trust and fiscal stability. His book offers an entirely fresh look at the American healthcare system that every physician and patient must read.”
Ron Berger, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Fogoros has a unique communication approach that reaches down to the layman, while addressing the professionals directly involved in the process evolving in American healthcare today. “Fixing American Healthcare” is a book that should be read by everyone enrolled in an HMO, or other healthcare plan, as well as every plan provider or professional involved in healthcare.  Fogoros has come up with priorities that every citizen needs to take to heart, to protect themselves and their loved ones in a time when they will need healthcare.”
Richard R. Blake
Reader Views

Fogoros pulls no punches in this important and timely book about our corrupted and unsustainable healthcare system, and the absurdities that arise from pervasive covert rationing. His book is a call to arms, not only defining the real problem with American healthcare, but also outlining a solution. The American public, American doctors, American industry, and American politicians need to understand what’s really going on, and then act. If we Americans are ever to get the healthcare we need and deserve, then, as individual citizens, we must heed this call. We must insist that our elected representatives, state and federal, read this book – and act with us. We simply cannot afford, nor can we permit, the dire consequences that would inevitably result from OUR FAILURE TO ACT NOW.
Martin L. Lazar, MD, FACS, FICS
Microvascular and Minimally Invasive Neurological Surgery

A great and important book. Fogoros’ impassioned and logical arguments will touch a chord in any person who cares about patients. Absolutely required reading in medical school and for any physician.”

Ken Ellenbogen, MD
Professor of Medicine, Vice Chairman of Cardiology
Virginia Commonwealth University

Must reading for all people involved in health care. Reading
Fixing American Healthcare is like reading an Ayn Rand novel, a murder mystery (how the doctor-patient relationship has been killed), a philosophical treatise, an investigative report, and an expose of Wonkonians’ and Gekkonians’ agendas. Richard Fogoros reasserts the primacy of the doctor-patient relationship by proposing a balanced solution to the healthcare crisis that addresses the needs of society, physicians, patients, business, and government. Quite an accomplishment.
Lynn Carlisle, DDS

“Fogoros has finally explained how patients, who should benefit the most, are instead the very people who are getting the shortest end of the stick. It’s proof positive that our healthcare system is not about health or care; it’s about sickness and money.”
Trisha Torrey

Fogoros accomplishes the near-impossible – he makes an equitable and effective healthcare system seem achievable. This is a must-read for all Americans who want to be part of the solution. Best, his advice for patient empowerment will help people today, even with the healthcare system we have right now.”
Kate Grossman, MD
Medical Director, About.com Health

“Fogoros ushers America’s health care system out into the light and asks; what are we pretending not to know?… and then proceeds to answer that question.”
Jay Warren
President and CEO, Cameron Health

“A great read. A spicy mixture of witty commentary, white-hot criticism, and battlefield wisdom.”

Joseph M. Smith, MD, PhD
Vice President, Microelectronic Technologies
Cordis Corporation

Really a terrific book. The Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare is a remarkable way of looking at the situation. And the idea that the healthcare transformation can be in part patient-driven is both revolutionary and yet, so sensible!

Mary K. Shomon

Every doctor, patient, and politician should read this book! We all know that our healthcare system is in trouble — Fogoros explains exactly what has gone wrong and provides a realistic and achievable roadmap for getting us out of this mess.”

Delia Chiaramonte, MD
President, Insight Medical Consultants

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